Friday, November 1, 2013

In the Beginning...

I want to stray from the obligatory first blog post in which an unknown audience is welcomed to my world of thought, where apologies and promises about the frequency of sharing reveal qualms of this new realm. Rather, I prefer to introduce myself through a rather simple fashion.

I desire to be someone who mimics the great failures of our time; those who made mistakes, failed, and learned from them to create something, or someone, better. Teaching allows me to do this while encouraging students to make their own mistakes as we learn together.

This is my first year employed as a full-time teacher. Although I have a number of years of experience working with children, each group of students and change in position has brought forth its own challenges and adventures.

I hope to use this blog to share some of my successes, failures, lessons, and ideas, that you may benefit or be entertained and maybe even share some of your own. Thank you for joining my journey through fifth grade.

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