Saturday, January 14, 2017

Dear Student: An Introduction

Dear Student,

Welcome to my class! While you may have heard things about me, you don't know me yet. But, soon, that will change. We will be spending many hours together this year, learning, growing, exploring, and challenging. I hope that you will see beyond what you may have heard about my class and get to know me, and it, from a fresh perspective. I will do the same with you.

This year will bring forth many great adventures and has the potential to be a turning point for your future. That is not to say that you were headed in a terrible direction before, rather that you are older and more mature than you were last year and I would like to trust you with increasing responsibility. You will hear me say many times - the more responsible you are, the more freedom and responsibility you will receive. I know that you can handle it, but am not sure that you realize that yet.

As part of our class, you are part of a family away from home. Here we help each other, care about each other, strive to help each other (including me!) become our very best, and occasionally, annoy each other. (Not on purpose, please.) Above all else, I want you to see this as a safe place, where you can be you, valued and accepted as you are, but challenged to become even more awesome. And that will not look the same for everyone.

You may feel that this is not your strongest subject area. That's fine. It doesn't have to be. But I do ask that you put forth your best effort, never give up, and ask questions when necessary. I commit to you that I will also put forth my best effort, never give up on you, and ask more questions than you would ever like me to ask. (Perhaps most frequently, "Why?")

This might be your favorite class or your least favorite. I may be your favorite teacher or your least favorite. Either way, my commitment to you is the same and I have the same expectations of you.

I am excited for this year to start and to see what we can accomplish together. I hope that you have a wonderful year!

Welcome to our class!

Your Teacher

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